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Feed Your Healthy

3 Month Group Coaching Program.
Uncover what healthy means to you with Holistic Health Coach Shani Brinkley.

This Is For You If...

• You are tired of starting a new diet year after year.
• Ready to get off the dieting see-saw.
• Unsure of which meal plan works for you...Keto, gluten-free, vegan, pescatarian
• You crave loving accountability with a partner or group coaching.
• Want to learn how to love your body through every shape and size.
• Are ready to take the time to slow down, press pause on all the chatter about what you should eat.
• Understand coaching is having a guide, not a prescription. Investing in your well-being pays off.


What You'll Learn

• Figure what works best for your body
• Quickly tuning into your body’s needs
• Daily practices that help to easily shed pounds
• The power of being present
• Affirmations that transform your mindset
• Group accountability
• How moving more can feel amazing
• Creating sustainable wellness 


Why Choose Us

Shani's Proven 3 Month Program 

Month 1

My Health Was...

Defining what healthy is for you 
What are your challenges surrounding
your health?
What has worked before?
What are you willing to try?

Creating your wellness plan with measurable goals.

 Month 2

My Healthy is Becoming…

What is working?
What have you tried?
What doesn’t work?

Adding tools to your wellness plan

Month 3

My Healthy is.…

What do you describe your health as?
What have you learned?
What did you add to your toolkit?
What have you taught someone about health?

Writing your own health manifesto/proclamation

Reasons to Register 

  • Two monthly group meetings for 90 minutes each.
  • 1 Individual one-on-one coaching sessions per month w/ Holistic Health Coach Shani. Valued at 400 aed/110 usd. 
  • Your own individual wellness plan focused on your personal goals.
  • The group coaching topics are developed based on your needs.
  • You’ll have the safe space to delve into your challenges with health including; mental well-being, fat loss, finding time for yourself, and lots more.  
  • Bonus: 1 month free in Feed Your Healthy online membership university.
  • **Early bird pricing for The Virtual Wellness Retreat.
  • *Fun & freebies.

Who is Shani

As a certified holistic health and wellness coach since 2012, Shani’s helped over 400 women and families transform their lives from the inside out. Through her brand, Feed Your Wellness, Shani is on a mission to create a tribe of inspired women who are taking control of their own wellness.

NJ native, a veteran early childhood educator, Shani is a pioneer and trailblazer in the international holistic field. She’s cultivated events and retreat experiences for a myriad of audiences while living in the United Arab Emirates. Her wellness journey began as an overweight child who developed her own meal plan resulting in releasing over 75 pounds of fat. This triumph led her to continue the work she started in New Jersey into an International movement to celebrate our journeys along the way. “Wellness is a journey, it’s one day at a time, one decision at a time. Every moment along the way should be celebrated.” 


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